Our Process

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STEP 1: Fast, Free Evaluation

  1. Fill out and submit our online form for your Free Estimate.
  2. Diagnosis of the actual device is required to provide you with an estimate price for data recovery.
  3. Drives will be evaluated to determine if it is a logical, electrical or mechanical failure.
  4. Dataplistic will require authorization before proceeding.
  5. Evaluation results for most devices are provided within 24 hours (2 business days).

NOTE: Cell Phone & Tablet evaluations are exceptions. A 48-hour evaluation is required to determine condition and recoverability from these devices.

Data recoveries run without interruption and can run for 1 day to more than 4 weeks, depending on the condition of the storage equipment.

Drop off Your Device: You can choose to either ship or drop-off your device – we are just a courier away.

STEP 2: Authorization

Please sign the estimate provided to authorize the data recovery process. The authorization/estimate form can be returned via:

Email or messenger or in person.

STEP 3: Discovery Completion

A 48-hour window (2 business days) is provided to review a list of recoverable documents found on your damaged device. Choose either to move forward with the recovery or stop the process and have your media returned.

Required replacement parts are sourced from our extensive inventory or ordered from our network of suppliers.

STEP 4: Returning Data

  • Provide your own blank hard drive to save the recovered data to – at least the same capacity or larger.
  • Purchase a new hard drive from us.
    • 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB & 4 TB available

Need Help Transferring Files?  Contact your IT consultant.

Dataplistics will retain a copy of your files for 30 days in case of transfer problems.

Choose: Shipping – Courier or Pick-Up.  You select and arrange a courier company of your choice to collect your equipment.

STEP 5: Follow-up Care

Our recovery advisor will provide you with the basic information to upload the recovered data onto your systems.

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